Summer Showdown

Tallinn Poker Festival

Olympic Park Casino 25th - 31th July, 2022



Summer Showdown Main Event Winner- Glen Gaines

After more than 13 hours on the final day, the United Kingdom’s Glen Gaines defeated local Estonian Igor Pihela Sr. heads-up to win the Tallinn Summer Showdown €1,100 Main Event for €62,400 at Olympic Park Casino and the adjoining Hilton Tallinn Park.

It was a back-and-forth affair during the entire final table and Gaines needed to come back from a huge heads-up deficit en route to the title. Gaines shared with PokerListings that this was just his second 1K event and he has made the most of it with the biggest Tallinn Summer showdown Main Event prize, eclipsing the €56,500 won by Finland’s Kristian Zitting, who won last year’s Main Event for €56,500.

“I’m chuffed,” shared Gaines after the win to PokerListings. “It will take a while to sink it. I wasn’t expecting to go deep considering it was my second 1K event.”

During the final table, Gaines realized that a win was within his grasp.

“I felt good four-handed,” Gaines said. I did take a knock when my tens didn’t hold from fives and thought it might slip away from me before I came back to win.”


Main Event FT

Victor Prior Fernandez Amat is the table captain heading into the final table just like he was at the start of the day. Igor Pihela Sr. has also remained in the top two spots.
Paulius Jucys, Lithuania, 1 150 000
Victor Prior Fernandez Amat, Spain, 1 705 000
Juris Hlibovs, Latvia, 620 000
Thomas Jakobsen, Norway, 800 000
Glen Gaines, UK, 1 475 000
Igor Pihela Sr, Estonia, 1 560 000
Mikael Andersson, Finland, 510 000
Seppo Parkkinen, Finland, 530 000
Kaspar Laursoo, Estonia, 200 000



The two-day €2,000 High Roller begins at 3 p.m. Players will get a dinner break at around 8:30 and Olympic Park Casino will be treating the players to a special dinner at the OlyBet Bar&Grill.
Sam Lau and Henri Juutilainen are among the players to already register for the event.


Main Event Final Day

After a long 13 1/2 hour day of 11 blind levels of an hour each, Victor Amat moved to the top of the pack with 1,300,000 in chips to lead the final 17 players heading into the final day of the 2022 Tallinn Summer Showdown €1,100 Main Event.
Amat is one of several players from Spain that for the past few years has called Tallinn their home and is lately often playing all the big festivals at Olympic Park Casino and the adjoining Hilton Tallinn Park. The money bubble lasted more than an hour before Amat delivered a cooler to Andre Magi. Magi committed his stack with queens on the turn with two fours on the eight-high board only to be drawing to one out unsuccessfully with Amat showing queen-four.
Estonia’s Igor Pihela Sr., who plays just about every Main Event at Olympic Park Casino along with his son Igor Pihela Jr., is the only other player entering the final day with a seven-figure stack of 1,153,000. Pihela delivered a huge cooler to Daragh Davey after the money bubble broke in a pot of nearly 1 million in chips. Pihela bet jammed for five times the pot on the flop with king-five suited for a flush draw and got there to leave Davey on fumes when his kings were unable to hold against Pihela’s eventual flush.
Estonia’s Gert Laanemets (850,000) and Latvia’s Juris Hlibovs (776,000) are next on the leaderboard. All four of the top players will start the final table at the same table. However, once one player is eliminated there will be an early table redraw tomorrow with two tables of eight players each. Meanwhile, Lithuania’s Paulius Jucys (553,000) also cracked the top five on the end-of-Day 2 leaderboard.


Main Event payouts

The payouts have been announced with the top 34 players slated to be rewarded with at least a €2,100 min-cash for nearly doubling the €1,100 Main Event buy-in.
Meanwhile, if no deal is made, tomorrow’s winner will go home with a Summer Showdown Main Event record top prize of €62,400, exceeding what Kristian Zitting won last year when the top prize was €56,500.
Take a look at the full payouts:
1 €62,400
2 €42,300
3 €28,300
4 €21,300
5 €15,800
6 €11,400
7 €8,700
8 €6,300
9-10 €5,050
11-12 €4,250
13-14 € 3,500
15-16 € 2,800
17-24 € 2,400
25-34 € 2,100


Main Event DAY2

The two opening flights attracted a total of 246 entries with 131 players finding bags to Day 2. This figure will grow a bit more with late registration still open for the first blind level of Day 2 where unlimited re-entries will still be allowed.
The first opening flight witnessed a banner field of 209 entries with 108 survivors led by Estonia’s Tonis Viik who bagged a whopping 214,000 in chips on Day 1a from his initial stack of 30,000 to put him in the overall chip lead.
Last night’s Day 1b was a turbo-charged affair with 30-minute blinds instead of the hour blinds the rest of the tournament features. This field attracted 37 entries with 23 players surviving with Juho Heiska bagging 107,500.
Top 10 Chip Counts Entering Day 2 :
1 Tõnis Viik, Estonia, 214,000
2 Aleksandr Arutjunov, 132,800
3 Sam Lau 129,600
4 Zakhar Galper 126,000
5 Marius Kudzmanas 122,200
6 Henri Juutilainen 115,700
7 Kshitij Kucheria 114,800
8 Juho Heiska 107,500
9 Toni Ojala 105,000
10 Deividas Kvaselis 102,500
The blinds will begin at 500/1,000 with a big blind ante of 1,000 when the action begins for Day 2 at noon EEST. From there, the blind levels will increase every hour. A dinner break will be inserted into today’s schedule with the plan to play down to the final two tables or even the final table depending on the pace of play.


Team Event Standings

The team standings have been updated and they include the results of Event #2, #5, #7, #10, #11, #16, #17, and #18. Suomen Mestarit is the team in the lead closely followed by Snottys Team. Take  a look at the full updated results from LIVE results section.


Another day in the office

Another side event just kicked off in the €440 5-Card PLO PKO at 9 p.m.
Day 2 for the €550 SSD was also scheduled for 9 p.m. but the Main Event won’t bag up for another 15 minutes or so. Floorman Olivier Franceschi announced to the Main Event players not to worry if they advanced to Day 2 of the €550 side event as they will delay the start until at least 9:20 p.m.
The final event in the €120 Short Deck is expected to start as planned at 10 p.m. giving players plenty of options in addition to the non-stop cash games running on the casino floor.



Welcome to the PokerListings coverage of the 2022 Tallinn Summer Showdown €1,100 Main Event at Olympic Park Casino and the adjoining Hilton Tallinn Park.

The Main Event features two opening flights, both taking place today, with Day 1a kicking off at noon followed by a turbo Day 1b at 8 p.m.

Players will start with 30,000 in chips equating to 300 big blinds for the first two blind levels and will have plenty of opportunities to build a monster stack with late registration not only open throughout both opening flights but also during the first blind level of tomorrow’s Day 2. The tournament boasts a deep structure with hour-long blind levels. The main exception to this rule will be on Day 1b, which is described as a turbo flight but still provides plenty of time to make moves with 30-minute blind levels. Players will bag their stacks after eight blind levels of play. The shorter days allow players to also enjoy the plethora of side events on the schedule.

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250 € Wednesday Progressive Bounty

The one-day Wednesday Progressive Bounty, featuring a €250 buy-in, has just kicked off at 5 p.m. This is one event that you can cash without making the money with each player starting with a €100 bounty on their heads. As this is a progressive bounty, half of each bounty collected goes straight into your pockets while the other half gets added to your own personal bounty. The bounties will get large, especially the big bounty during heads-up play.
Daragh Davey, Meelis Ahman, and the Finnish poker power couple in Emmi and Henri Juutilainen are among the early entries in the field with late registration open until the conclusion of Level 8.
Later in the evening, all eyes will be on another bounty event with the second and final day of the €250 Mystery Bounty kicking off at 9 p.m., where one lucky player is set to be rewarded an envelope containing a slip for €5,000!


550 € SSD DAY 1

The second of three flights of the €550 kicked off at noon with already 81 players in the Day 1b field. There are plenty of opportunities to still get into the mix with late registration open until the end of Level 10. If that isn’t enough time, there is also a turbo Day 1c scheduled for tonight at 7 p.m. The winner will walk away with a huge haul with close to 300 entries expected during the three opening flights.
Currently, local poker hero Ranno Sootla leads the way after parlaying his initial 25,000 chip stack to a huge pile of 356,000 in chips during yesterday’s Day 1a. Meanwhile, 2021 Tallinn Summer Showdown Main Event champion Kristian Zitting also snagged a huge stack with 323,000 in chips with Mati Pirn, Aleksi Naski, Henri Juutilainen, Rytis Ruksenas, and Raimo Kaljulaid also advancing to Day 2 last night.
Players finding a Day 2 bag will already be in the money and will play down until a champion is crowned on the second and final day beginning on Thursday, July 28 at 9 p.m.


Mystery Bounty Day2

The Mystery Bounty has heated up with 31 players advancing to Day 2. Players will choose an envelope for each elimination when the action resumes at 9 pm. All eyes are on who will win the envelope containing a $5,000 top mystery bounty prize.
Switzerland’s Nico Fenn (626,000) leads the way followed by two local hero’s in Estonia’s Madis Müür (429,000) and Anton Valov (387,000). Other notable players to advance to the final day include Kimmo Kurka, Jukka Juvonen, Erno Suominen, and Ronny Albrigtsen.


Team Event

Team registration closes after the late registration of the Main Event, on the 29th of July at 13:00. But we still remind all of you that in order to receive points for a ranking event prior to that, the team has to be registered before the respective event starts.
At the moment, 22 teams have registered and are already scoring points. After the opening day, the points leader is team “Suomen Mesterit”, whos team also includes the name of the winner of the open tournament – Max Avela.


Summer Showdown Opening Event 

Our first day is written into the history books for now. We would like to congratz young gun Max Avela who made an amazing job and won our Summer Showdown Opening event. WP sir!
#2 – Summer Showdown Opening event
buy-in: 330 euro
total entries: 129
total prize pool € 38 196
1. Max Avela, Finland, € 9556
2. Ignacio Geonzalez Garrido, Spain, € 6490
3. Jimenez Sanches, Spain, € 4970
4. Nikolaos Mastrantonas, Greece, € 3530
5. Tanel Taal, Estonia, € 2480
6. Kimmo Kurko, Finland, € 2010


Tournament Director

Have you ever tried to drive a car without a wheeling steer? Nope? Neither we do. Fortunately for us, we have our own Ott Tänak on board who will always find the right way how to handle tournaments. Let’s get to know – Tournament Director Teresa Nousiainen. 😍


Qualify at OlyBet

Estonia’s most famous band “Terminator” once sang that the snow was down in July. We confirm that there is currently no snow in Tallinn. However, one thing is pretty sure – there is the last-minute satellite tournament for the Summer Showdown main event at OlyBet.
Starting 7pm & 7.30pm. 11 euro -> 150 euro ticket
Starting at 9 pm, buy-in: 150 euro. PRIZE POOL: 2×1100 euro worth of ticket GTD!
You can join the OlyBet poker room >


Mystery Bounty Event

What does the term “Mystery Bounty” mean? What is the “Mystery Bounty” event?
The Mystery Bounty event is one of our new additions to the schedule and will provide tons of excitement. The event boasts a €250 buy-in with €110 going towards the prize pool, paying out approximately 12 % of the field, and another €110 going to the bounty pool. This differs from any bounty tournament you have played here at Olympic Park Casino as there will be no bounties collected on Day 1 where players will play down to the money.
So, what happens to the bounty money? This is where it gets exciting! If you eliminate a player on Day 2, you will be invited to pick an envelope and collect a random bounty prize ranging from €200 to €5,000! In addition, we will be adding a couple of extra gifts to some of the bounty envelopes including meal vouchers, poker tickets to future events, and more.

Let’s get started!

The vibe at the Tallinn Summer Showdown is noticeable to any player in attendance with rails taking place not only for the Main Event but the side events as well.
One big reason for this is the Tallinn Summer Showdown Team Competition. A total of 2% of each prize pool is reserved for the Team Competition. Each team consists of four players with any event which isn’t a satellite that has at least 12 players contributing points to those that cash. The top team on the leaderboard will walk away with 75% of the Team Competition prize pool while the runner-up team will be awarded the remaining 25%.
Don’t stress if you can’t find a team of four players ahead of time as the staff at Olympic Park Casino and the Tournament Director Teresa Nousiainen will assist you if needed to join a team.
Head to the Tallinn Summer Showdown website to read all the rules of the Team Competition and to sign-up for your team.

Olympic Casino x Luxon Pay

Olympic Casino is pleased to jointly announce their upcoming collaboration with the poker payment provider Luxon Pay for the forthcoming poker festivals in Tallinn. The partnership will deliver a safe and convenient payment method during the events for an enhanced and effortless player experience. Players are able to
buy-in to Tallinn events now using the Luxon Pay app.
Luxon Pay is a multi-currency digital wallet (an eWallet) that provides a safe and convenient way to deposit funds for quick and easy online payments during the future poker festivals at Olympic Park Casino.
“It’s exciting times for us and we believe that it will be warmly welcomed by our players. We always aim to offer the best service possible and innovative products to our customers, so we are so excited that together with Luxon Pay all our poker players can register for the festivals without leaving the comfort of their homes,” said Jaan Vaabel, Group Poker Manager and Park Casino General manager.